About BrainBox

Way back in the early '90s, BrainBox founder Gary Wyatt was struck by an idea. “Wouldn’t it be great to make games that people of all ages could play and learn together?”. Being a go-getting kind of chap, it wasn’t long before Gary launched The Green Board Game Company.

Fast-forward to 2007 and Gary was settling into the role of games inventor. With a desire to create something new, and bolstered by a lack of observational games on the market, he started developing the first ever BrainBox title - BrainBox The World.

Inspired by book packaging, its distinctive cube design helped BrainBox The World quickly become The Green Board Game Company’s bestseller – a title it still holds to this day!

Over the years BrainBox has teamed up with a number of popular brands from Horrible Histories and Roald Dahl to Mister Maker and The Natural History Museum.

These days BrainBox games can be found in 53 countries in over 20 languages! From Mandarin to Russian, BrainBox is a truly multi-lingual traveller. With sets for the over 50s, and sets for those as young as three, BrainBox maintains Gary Wyatt’s vision for creating games for everyone to play and learn together.

What the 'green' means

So why are we ‘Green’? All those years ago, we recognised the importance of the environment we live in. It wasn’t as fashionable back in 1991, however, we have always used as high a content of recycled / recyclable material as possible.

We are members of Sedex (Suppliers Ethical Data Exchange) and we produce the majority of our games in the UK. When we do produce games elsewhere we look to partner with ethical organisations such as our Spanish partners who integrate employees with Down syndrome into the workplace.

Our charity partners

We are proud to support the work of these great charities...