About BrainBox

In 1991 Gary Wyatt, founder of The Green Board Game Company decided to turn his “Number-plate game” into a Board Game; for several years stuck in traffic returning from the office, he would pass the time away creating words from numbers and then extending the game by making words from the letters; beginning with A, B, C, and then linking them to birds, fish, mammals, etc. It was here where his first board game, Alpha Animals was devised, a game that is still available today! Having had 1000 produced, he purchased a pitch at the Alexandra Palace Gift Fair to test the market. By the end of the fair Gary had sold almost all of the games and shortly after The Green Board Game Company Limited was incorporated on 25th February 1991. 

After 16 years of developing a plethora of successful games, GBG launched a new gameplay concept: BrainBox World, which gave birth to the now world renowned BrainBox range consisting of over 40 different titles, sold across 57 countries and published in 26 languages!

Having grown our raft of family board games over the past 25 years, we now also incorporate a range of wooden construction toys and learning books in our portfolio, in addition to the launch of Green Board Education.

The parameters Gary first set still hold true today; a game should be quick, easy to play, have the flexibility to cross age play, with scope to bring young and old together. Whilst being both fun and educational – he wanted to ensure there was a Green Board game for everyone; quality games to be played again and again, able to stand the test of time, to be passed from generation to generation – just like Alpha Animals!

Testament to our founder from CEO Keith Grafham; “After 25 years of successful business, one can only look and marvel at what has been achieved by our ever growing team with pride and admiration.  Whilst being extremely proud of our achievements, we feel confident and fortunate that with the exceptional ranges we produce and highly talented people we have on board, that the best is yet to come! The core ethos that threads through our business is testament to Gary; his foresight, ingenuity and tenacity through the years have resulted in quality products second to none. Without a doubt, the strength of our future opportunity must be primarily attributed to our founder, whose vision and diligence some 25 years ago, was to maintain a core of making learning fun through play… Play together – Learn together!”

What the 'green' means

So why are we ‘Green’? All those years ago, we recognised the importance of our environment; Gary had ecological and ethical ambitions, so from the beginning all the products were made as ‘Green’ as possible. To this day all the games are made from at least 70% recycled materials and are all recyclable. We are constantly reviewing our CSR approach and finding new sustainable ways of sourcing.

Our production partnerships are centered around an ethical approach across all areas of business, we look to those who have a clear understanding as to what sustainable means and to those such as our Spanish partners who integrate employees with Down Syndrome into their workplace. 

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