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GBG acquires Flights of Fancy

Adding to the Green Board Game and Green Board Education roster, has been the recent acquisition of Flights of Fancy; seen as a great GBG fit and way to approach the gifting arena with an alternative educational and fun perspective. Visit

Flights of Fancy founders and owners Deryck and Sarah Henley were keen to ensure their company ethos would continue in the same vein as it was formed, before settling down to retirement. With like-minded principles to those of the GBG founder, Gary Wyatt; this range takes the angle of encouraging an outdoor attitude to learning, with the aim to help keep our youngsters bright and healthy. This fresh approach of invigorating their enquiring minds came as a breath of fresh air to the GBG team.

Flights of Fancy customers will continue to receive great service and quality products, whilst benefitting from the award winning BrainBox maker’s extensive client list and associated range. Green Board Games offers FOF extended reach as a result of this marriage, with the ability to maintain the elements of fun and learning that are core to both brands.