World Book Day
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World Book Day

In the UK and Ireland, World Book Day is on Thursday 2nd March 2017, however did you know that the rest of the world has it on a different date? The small independent charity who run World Book Day in the UK have to arrange the event around school term dates, religious and public holidays etc, so that everybody can get involved without it clashing. A great deal of thought and organisation goes into the day, from designing the packs they send out to schools, to getting the companies to finance the £1 book tokens they give to each child, and all for the love of books and getting our children to love books too.

Most schools across the UK will be taking part in World Book Day in one way or another. Many will be having the traditional fancy dress day, letting children dress up as their favourite characters. There are so many characters to pick from, and therefore parents all over the land will be doing a bit of DIY crafting, creating some masterpieces for their loved ones to wow their teachers and friends with.

We can hear your panic already! Luckily for you our friend Boo, Roo and Tigger Too is a super Book Day costume creator and has some amazing ideas to keep it fun and effective. Whether your children want to be Darth Vader or Little Miss Muffet, she’s done it. Check out all of her ideas on her site -

On the other hand, if they’re Roald Dahl fans, Mummy, Mummy… Mum has some great ideas by herself and others over on her site -

Do your kids love books or do you have a reluctant reader? There are so many ways to get children reading and learning, even those who really don’t want to. For little people, books are all about fantasy, imagination and listening more than reading, so things like Story Cards will help them create their own stories. Older children can use the story cards too of course: try giving them a task of writing you a story based on the five shuffled cards they picked from the pack, then read it together before bed; you never know, you may have the next JK Rowling on your hands. Or you could make the Brainbox Once Upon a Time game a daily game within your household; it is so quick but such fun and gets everybody's imagination flowing.



FYI:- your Book Tokens can only be used from Monday 27 February–Sunday 26th March 2017 (inclusive), so make sure you plan a trip to the book shop during those times.

Where to use your tokens -
Check out Booksellers Association; they have a list of participating book shops. All major supermarkets including Asda, Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s, most large bookshop chains such as WH Smith, Waterstones, Eason etc and many independent booksellers are participating, as are a number of school book clubs including Scholastic and Usborne Books At Home.

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