Father’s Day
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Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up, that time of year where you buy a cheeky pair of socks, a bland tie or something completely random picked by a small child for the father figures in your lives. Don’t they deserve better than that for all that they do? Surely this year is the year to trash the boring present trend and break out into the world of creating new fun Father’s Day traditions.

This week we have asked a few UK bloggers what they think dads really want this Father’s Day. The answers were quite surprising: they were all outdoors and not a single bland tie in sight! In fact it was all morse code, fishing and den building. WE LOVE IT!

Laura from Tired Mummy of Two said:
“We try and do something brand new that we can learn together on Father’s Day. My husband is a bit of a geek and loves anything outdoorsy. He wants to learn Morse Code, go fishing or do orienteering this year, something that my girls aren’t overly keen on but hopefully we can make it fun for everyone whichever we do”


The Flights of Fancy Morse Code set might be a great start to Laura’s Father’s Day preparation. It is a sure fire way to get a smile out of her Morse Code loving husband and get him and the kids learning something new together. You’re welcome Laura.

Donna from What The Redhead Said 
“I think the children’s dad would really like something thoughtful rather than material - a lay in, breakfast in bed and some quality family time. He would love a nice meal too!

Alice from Life As Alice said:
“We have a tradition where we do something outdoors for Father’s Day, whether it’s a theme park or a long walk, we just get outside all together. This year we have decided we are going to do Den Building in a forest. It is something none of us have done together and that Hoff (my husband, their dad) used to do as a kid. If all else fails and it rains we’ll just build a blanket fort indoors instead, same thing just less washing”.

With that awesome idea in mind, thanks Alice, if you fancy doing something similar with your family, we checked out Pinterest and found this brilliant Den Building infographic which gives a step by step guide.


Let us know what you are planning for Father’s Day this year on our social media pages; we’d love to see what you’re getting up to. Join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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