Loving The Library
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Loving The Library

Monday 7 October marks the beginning of National Children’s Book Week. Libraries all over the country will be getting involved, hosting meet-the-author events, creative workshops, themed fun days, and more. It’s a great opportunity to introduce your children to your local library and encourage a love of reading!

Gone are the days of libraries being synonymous with silent reading rooms and stern-looking librarians. Modern libraries celebrate the true joy of reading, and you’ll find the children’s section is a colourful, inspiring and creative place – a world of pure imagination, with children’s librarians on hand to point young people in the right direction.

We’ve talked on this blog before about the benefits of reading. Reading can help to:

  • Develop your child’s brain
  • Foster a love of learning
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Spark creativity
  • Improve social skills and self-regulation
  • Improve language skills
  • You don’t need to wait until your child is of school-age to start making regular trips to the library. Even babies can benefit from looking at brightly coloured picture books and many libraries offer special story time sessions especially for toddlers and young children.

Story time and reading sessions provide a great opportunity for your children to start developing social skills from a very young age. They’ll be able to meet other kids, learn songs and rhymes, make new friends and spend some important time bonding with you while they’re captivated by an interesting story.

Older children will also benefit greatly from a regular library visit and this can be particularly important if they lack confidence at school or claim that books are “boring”. Resist the temptation to force educational material or “classics” on them, but let them select their own books – after all, reading should be a pleasure, not just an educational activity. Teaching your child how to get lost in a book is something they’ll thank you for throughout their lives.

Show your child how the library can help them develop their own interests. Have they shown an interest in helping you cook? Look through a few cookbooks together and choose one that has some recipes you’d both like to try. Are dinosaurs the current obsession? You’ll find lots of books about them in the library! Turn questions into research opportunities and encourage your children to actively learn for themselves. Remember that learning doesn’t only happen at school!

A trip to the library is a real treat – where else can you get to take away things that entertain, educate, fascinate and inspire? And National Children’s Book Week is a great excuse to start a regular library routine. You can find out more about National Children’s Book Week and some of the activities on offer at the Booktrust website.

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