Should my child be bilingual?
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Should my child be bilingual?

Did you know… if you wanted to say ‘Hello’ to everyone on the planet you would first have to get to grips with at least 2,796 languages?

In the UK alone, 107 different languages are put to use each day across a nation where an increasing number of children grow up learning a main language in addition to English.

Amidst these changes is another trend on the rise: Monolingual parents raising bilingual children.

To better understand why, we have curated a selection of interesting articles and videos from across the web which all point to one interesting truth:

It’s worth your child learning a second language… and the sooner the better!

Patricia Kuhl: The linguistic genius of babies
In a talk delivered for TEDx, language specialist Patricia Kuhl unpacks how 6-month-old babies learn one language over another. Patricia highlights research revealing that it becomes harder to learn additional languages once children reach the age of seven…
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Raising a bilingual child: The top five myths
In a blog for, bilingual freelance journalist Roxana A. Soto debunks the top five myths around raising bilingual children – including that teaching them multiple languages confuses them or that by the time they start primary school it’s too late…
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Raising Bilingual Children – a website for primary-school parents who want to help their children with their education – have compiled a practical article for parents looking to raise bilingual children. They have some insightful tips from Virginie Raguenaud – a mother raising French and English-speaking twins and the author of Bilingual By Choice: Raising Kids in Two (or more!) Languages
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Mono-Lingual vs Bilingual infographic

Monolingual VS Bilingual

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