Spooktacular Halloween activities for all ages
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Spooktacular Halloween activities for all ages

It’s a brilliant time of year for children and adults alike, all about imagination, crafts and dressing up. Families all over the place will be getting themselves ready to wow their friends with their spooktacular parties, outfits and decorations.

Whether you keep it small and understated or go all out and throw a huge party, we have some fantastic activities to do with the kids to make your Halloween prep go with a Halloween OOOOOOOH! and not a tantrum style NOOOOOOO!


Storing up a few Halloween style games to play (just in case the weather is scarier than their costumes) is a great idea to keep the family entertained and quiet… ish! From board games or card games like BrainBox Myths & Monsters for the older ones, to one of My Life and Kids’ list of 30 (yes 30!) Halloween games which everyone will want to join in with, you will be sure to have a ghoulish time.

Simple monster crafts

Children love monsters and making a mess, so these simple and non scary monster crafts created by Susan K Mann and Cat's Yellow Days will keep your little ones entertained and make great decorations for the day itself! 

Paper plate spider web decorations

How cool are these?! Jennifer’s Little World has been decorating her house with these simple spider web crafts she made with her kids. Easy and keeps them busy whilst you get on with some jobs: perfect!

Making chocolate candy apples

Candy Apples are a sweet way to brighten up a party buffet or Trick or Treat bag. They’re fun for kids to make and easier than you think. Here is a fail-safe and ridiculously easy chocolate version of the recipe.

• Apples
• Your favourite chocolate
• Any topping of your choice (Hundreds and Thousands, marshmallows, crushed nuts/biscuits etc)
• Lolly sticks/kebab skewers
• Baking paper

• Place the baking paper onto a tray
• Place your topping of choice onto plates and set aside
• Push the sticks into the bottom of the apples and remove the stalk
• Break the chocolate into a bowl. Add a small amount of water into a pan (make sure the water isn’t deep enough to touch the bottom of your bowl). Bring the water to a boil, then turn the heat down to low. Place your bowl on top and stir constantly until the chocolate is melted, then remove the bowl carefully
• Dip and roll the apples in the chocolate until covered
• Roll each apple across the topping plate until you have the coverage you want
• Place the apple, stick up, onto the baking paper
• Leave for 20 minutes to set at room temperature

For an even easier version, take a look at The Crazy Kitchen’s Bonfire Night Treats post. It is so simple it’s scary (pun intended); she has even got an edible sparkler recipe for Bonfire Night itself. Check it out - they’re fab.

For the more adventurous, including some complicated but amazing Candy Apple recipes, Blue Bear Wood has put together a list of her favourite recipes online.

Thanks to all the bloggers involved in our Halloween round up. Whatever you get up to for Halloween, make sure you tag us in your crazy creations and ghoulish games over at @BrainBoxGames

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