What two things would you talk about?
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What two things would you talk about?

Last night our bank, HSBC, kindly invited me talk to 25 local businesspeople about our story.

We started off with one game in the recession of the early 1990s and today we are a robust local company selling all round the world. HSBC thought it would be interesting for us to suggest two things that have contributed to our (in my view, modest) success. To condense everything you do and believe in to two points really made me think. The points I chose to discuss were:

Firstly enjoy what you do. I LOVE what I do. I’m pretty confident that most people at Green Board Games really enjoy what they do as well. It’s manic at times, but we try and have fun. When I find that coming to a soulless business park on the outskirts of High Wycombe is a chore, I simply will not go. I’ll look for something else to do. My comment to the group was; if you do not love what you do, really believe in your product, success and personal fulfillment will be hard to find.

My second point was to think globally. Our lead game, BrainBox World, is available in 19 separate languages. We work with distributors who help us with local translations and then they sell exclusively in these markets. Around half our turnover comes from outside the UK. And it’s fun visiting different countries. In fact, I think that Sarah, who is our International sales star, has a better job than me as she has visited our business partners in Hong Kong, Germany, France, Australia, Spain, Czech Republic, Channel Isles and Canada this year so far.

So, if you had to speak to a group of local businesspeople and had to cover only two things, what would you speak about?

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