Eggcellent Easter!
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Eggcellent Easter!

Easter is just around the corner folks and with Easter brings Spring, the season of new beginnings. The weather gets warmer, the flowers begin to grow and sleeping animals awaken from their dens. Many people say that Spring is the ‘cutest’ season because many animals give birth during the Spring months and we get to see all the cute and fluffy animals in the fields.

Children love learning about animals, it’s one of the first things we teach them as babies, and that's why we created our Brainbox First Animals game. Whether it’s asking questions and finding out about their favourite TV character, the likes of Peppa Pig or Bing Bunny for instance, or spotting the animals in the field, they are instinctively interested in wanting to know more.

Spring is the perfect time to embrace the warm weather and learn about animals as a family. There are lots of farms out there who do a hands-on lambing season in which you can go along and get involved in feeding the brand new lambs. However, Spring also means rainy days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the animal fever indoors too.

With that in mind, we have put together a few of our favourite Spring and Easter crafts to do with your little ones and some really fun games too.


These cute little egg box chicks from Typically Simple are quick and simple to do with the kids and they’re cute enough to hide a chocolate egg inside.


Our new Brainbox Animal Families game is designed for parents to play with their children and improve both their observation skills and their knowledge of animals from around the world. It is perfect for those days on which a trip to the farm is out of the question.


These bunny masks are a clear winner with kids and super simple to make. We love them - find out how to make them here

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