BrainBox Range - Age 7+


BrainBox Roald Dahl

Featuring three of Roald Dahl’s most famous books: The BFG, Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


BrainBox Myths & Monsters

Meet heroes from Hercules to Beowulf, and mythical monsters which will turn your blood cold!

BrainBox Bounce Animals

Bounce your way through the animal kingdom!

BrainBox Predators

Discover the deadliest creatures in the world!

BrainBox English

A fun and easy way to reinforce important English concepts!

BrainBox Space

Improve your knowledge, observation and memory skills about the wider world we live in.


BrainBox Around the UK

Take your own guided tour around our beautiful country in this BrainBox!

BrainBox Cities of the World

Learn fantastic facts about the worlds most iconic cities!

BrainBox Science

A fun and easy way to reinforce science concepts!

BrainBox Sport

Learn about our most popular sports alongside a multitude of others. On your marks, get set, GO!

BrainBox The World

Learn fabulous facts about countries all over the world, in this award-winning brain-teasing challenge!

BrainBox Football

Learn fab facts about football, its history, and the legends who shaped the sport!

BrainBox Board Game

Take BrainBox to a whole new level with the BrainBox Board Game!

Brainbox London

This brilliant BrainBox will help you learn interesting facts about London, one of the most famous cities of the world!

BrainBox British History

Learn brilliant facts about Britain in both the past and present day!

BrainBox World History

Train your brain and learn fun facts about the world's most significant historical events!

BrainBox Kings and Queens

A regal way to learn about the secrets of Kings and Queens, from the past to the present day!

BrainBox Horrible Histories Vile Villains

Learn about how vile these villains really were, in true Horrible Histories style!

BrainBox Shakespeare

This BrainBox is the perfect introduction to seven of Shakespeare's best-loved plays!

BrainBox Inventions

A cool and crazy way to learn about inventions and inventors from around the world!

BrainBox Maths

A fun and easy way to reinforce important maths concepts!

BrainBox Let’s Learn German

Here's a great BrainBox to help with learning German words!

BrainBox Let’s Learn French

Here's a great BrainBox to help with learning French words!

BrainBox Let’s Learn Spanish

Here's a great BrainBox to help with learning Spanish words!

BrainBox Art

A great way to learn interesting facts about famous paintings and artists!

BrainBox Animals

A fun and easy way to learn about animals!

BrainBox Nature

This BrainBox highlights everything about nature and what the world really has to offer!

BrainBox Ireland

A fun game packed with facts about the history, culture and sport of Ireland!

BrainBox Senior Moments

The best way to relive the past 50 years, from Pirate radio to the first Moon landing!

BrainBox On-The-Go-World

Feed your brain fab facts about the world while on the move!

BrainBox On-The-Go France

A fun and fabulous way to learn about France while on the move!

BrainBox On-The-Go Paris

Here is a fantastic BrainBox for everything you need to know about Paris!

BrainBox On-The-Go Prague

A fun way to find out about Prague whilst on the go!

BrainBox On-The-Go-Cornwall

A fun way to find out about Cornwall whilst on the go!


BrainBox Marvin’s Magic

Amaze your friends with magical facts and dazzle them with optical illusions and tricks!