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Alpha Animals


Can you roar like a lion? Or hop like a kangaroo? With Junior Alpha Animals, Green Board Games' adaptation of their first ever game, you will see just how much fun it would be living in the animal kingdom. Players advance round the board, naming animals in a certain category determined by the roll of a dice (Air, Land or Water). The challenge is that the animal has to start with the letter of the square the player is on, for example a land animal beginning with 'A' or something that can fly beginning with 'C'.

For extra fun, players have to act like certain animals throughout the game. Two different gameplay levels make this game perfect for children aged 4+ or the whole family. An Animal Guide of possible answers is included.

This game is made from recycled materials. 

Contents: 1 game board, 1 wooden die, 6 wooden animal playing pieces, 56 action cards, 1 rules booklet with animal classifications

Age: 4

Number of players: 1

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