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BrainBox Opposites Jigsaw


A game and jigsaw in one! Brainbox jigsaws combine the game play of Brainbox with the satisfaction of completing a jigsaw puzzle. Each card shows one pair of opposites with three questions on the back about the images shown. 24 large jigsaw pieces include pairs such as hot and cold, big and small and wet and dry, with children answering a question in order to put each card in place.

Fun and easy way to help young children learn about opposites.

Pick up a card and talk about the picture with your child. Turn the card over and ask your child one of the questions. If they answer correctly (turn the card back over to check), they can put the card in place. If they cannot answer the first question, try a different question. If more than one child is playing, ask the second question to the next player. Work through the cards, encouraging the child to pair up the 'opposites', taking turns if more than one child is playing.

Contents: 25 Pieces

Age: 3

Number of players: 1

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