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BrainBox Roald Dahl


This redesigned BrainBox will help children improve their observation and memory skills through the wonderful words of Roald Dahl, together with Sir Quentin Blake’s iconic illustrations. Featuring three of Roald Dahl’s most famous books: The BFG, Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, these cards will introduce unforgettable characters from one of Britain’s best-loved authors and provide gloriumptious fun for all the family.

The object of the game is to study a card for 10 seconds and then answer a question based on the roll of a die. If the question is answered correctly, the card is kept, and the person with the most number of cards after 5 or 10 minutes is the winner.

Made from a minimum of 70% recycled material, the BrainBox range is fabulous fun.

Contents: 55 cards, 1 rules card, 1 sand timer, 1 die

Age: 7

Number of players: 1

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