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BrainBox Spot the Difference In the Wild


This brand-new BrainBox game is Spot the Difference with a twist, as players must just not find the six differences between two versions of a scene, but also recall a number of them, determined by the roll of a die, from memory. To add to the fun, there are four versions of each scene, with six differences between any two cards.

Spot the Difference In the Wild includes creatures great and small from all around the globe, from rainforests to coral reefs, Antarctic penguins to garden creepy-crawlies: a whole world of wonderful wildlife!

How to play:

(1) Pick two cards (from a set of four) showing the same scene, study the cards for 30 seconds and try to find all 6 differences

(2) Pass the cards to the next player and roll the die

(3) The number that the die lands on determines how many differences you must recall from memory

(4) If you remember all the differences you were required to (checked by the next player), you keep one of the cards; the other is returned to the pack and play moves on to the next player

(5) The winner is the player with the most cards after an agreed amount of time or when all pairs of cards have been played

An exciting twist on traditional Spot the Difference
Four versions of each scene for added play value
Encourages observation and memory skills
Suitable for children aged 6+
Simple to play by yourself or with as many players as desired
Made from at least 70% recycled material and designed in the UK
Can be played for 10 minutes or can play through the entire deck

Contents: 48 double-sided cards, 1 6-sided die, 1 30-second sand timer

Age: 6

Number of players: 4

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