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Colour and Learn Minibeasts

Colour and Learn Minibeasts


Can you feel that hairy spider slowly climbing up your arm? Do you get a buzz from bumblebees? Can you chirp like a grasshopper? Who doesn't panic and thrash wildly about when pursued by the angry common wasp, or nervously back away from the menacing Deathstalker scorpian, with its sting of lethal venom?

Can you follow the eccentric flight of the gaudy dragonfly as it zips through the marshlands, or marvel at the humble but endearingly colourful ladybird as she explores the contours of your hand?

Search amoungst the pink and mauve flowers for the magnificent swallowtail butterfly, one of our largest and rarest insects.

This delightful book is full of tiny colourful beasties, but beware! They may be small but most pack a powerful punch well above their weight.

Delve deep into your imagination and use your colouring pencils to make these magnificent creatures bound from the page or flutter out and dance around the room.

Contents: 1 book with 24 pages to colour

Age: 6

Number of players: 1

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