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Colour and Learn Myths & Legends

Colour and Learn Myths & Legends


Myths and legends excite and stimulate the imagination of young and old alike. Cultures the world over abound with folklore tales and mysterious, often dark stories.

This is a fantastic collection of the very best, chosen to make your heart race, your stomach flip and your blood boil! Gods, demons, adventurers, fantastic creatures, heroes, giants and ogres leap through the pages plying their trade by magic, subterfuge, brute force and sometimes even romance!

Here is your chance to bring them to glorious life by firing up your imagination. Become a hero yourself and do battle with terrifying beasts, vengeful Gods or jealous kings.

Make them bright and gaudy or dark and sombre - the choice is yours.

Contents: 1 book with 24 pages to colour

Age: 6

Number of players: 1

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