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Learn to Draw Dinosaurs

Learn to Draw Dinosaurs


If you love dinosaurs and you would like to draw some of the most fearsome creatures that have ever lived, then this book is for you. There are 16 fascinating creatures to discover, from Apatosaurus, the giant herbivore of the Jurassic Period, to the terrifying T-Rex and the bird-like Velociraptor with its sickle-shaped claws.

Each image is broken down into 20 squares. Simply copy each square into the grid and see your creature materialise before your eyes. In addition there are fun facts on each page. Did you know that Giganotosaurus had teeth up to 20cm long?

Let your imagination run wild and create some of the most wonderful creatures that have ever roamed the Earth!

Contents: 1 book with 38 pages

Age: 6

Number of players: 1

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