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Stained Glass Designs Animals

Stained Glass Designs Animals


Any window that catches sunlight can be transformed with these beautiful images from the animal kingdom.

We have all seen the beauty of real stained glass windows whilst on holiday or in books or on the internet. Stained glass windows have been described as illuminated wall decorations, designed to be viewed from the inside of a building, often with messages, both visual and written, in the design.

This fantastic book allows you to use sunlight to brighten and illuminate your personal spaces, at home, school or work.

With beautiful creatures from the animal kingdom bursting through its pages, this book is a joy to use.

Close your eyes and feel the heat of a summer's day. From a bird of paradise to leaping dolphins to a camouflaged leopard, these pages will set your mind on fire, and start a kaleidoscope spinning inside your head as you engage your imagination to bring these beautiful creatures to life.

Carefully choose your colours and watch these images spring from the page before your very eyes. 

Contents: 1 book with 24 colouring pages

Age: 6

Number of players: 1

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