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How is the Young Games Inventor of the Year chosen?

How is the Young Games Inventor of the Year chosen?

Wondering how the Young Games Inventor winner is chosen?

With such a high calibre of entries received each year for our Young Games Inventor competition, you may be wondering how we select our Young Games Inventor of the Year! So, here's a quick overview about how we reach a decision!

Stage 1

Every year we start drawing up a shortlist of eligible entries and then upload them onto our website.

Stage 2

We then open the public vote for around 2 weeks, emailing applicants and encouraging our social media followers to vote for their favourite games on our website. Friends and family can really help with the public vote! 

Stage 3

Once the public vote has closed, the top 20 entries (as selected by the public) are given to our judges. Our judges are a small panel of game experts, which includes Gary Wyatt, the founder of Green Board Games and the brainbox behind - well, BrainBox! The judges are asked to rank their favourite entries based on which they believe have most potential.

Stage 4

Once the public and the judges have ranked their favourite games, a total score is calculated for each of the public's top 20 games.

Half of the points for this score come from the public rank and the other half comes from the judges' rank.

The entries receive a maximum of 20 points from each of the two ranks. Higher ranking games will receive more points.

For example, the game with the most public votes will receive a score of 20. The game with the second most number of votes will receive a score of 19 - and so forth down to the lowest ranking game, which will receive a score of 1.

The maximum score that a game can receive is 40 points. This would require a game to receive the top ranking position in both the public and judges' rank.

Stage 5

We contact the winning entrant and announce the Young Games Inventor of the Year on our website and on our social media pages!

Stage 6

We present the winning entrant with their prizes at The London Toy Fair!