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Shaperise gets stamp of approval from Geek Dad!

Shaperise gets stamp of approval from Geek Dad!

Read the latest review of Shaperise - hot off the press from Geek Dad!

We have exciting news!

Shaperise has just been issued the Geek Dad stamp of approval!

According to Geek Dad blogger, Robin Brooks, "Considering its admirable genesis, the age of its inventor, and its sheer playability, Shaperise can be considered GeekDad Approved." 

To read the full review, click here now! 

Robin Brooks, Geek Dad blogger and vlogger, has also kindly created a vlog review, which can be viewed below, or by clicking here!


For more information about Shaperise, click through to our Shaperise website page here

To find out more about where the Young Games Inventor winner, Sebastian Fleming-Smith, got his idea for the game, click here

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