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Young Games Inventor of the Year 2017

Young Games Inventor of the Year 2017

The public vote has been held, the entries are in, the judges have deliberated, and a decision has been reached!

The winner of the 2017 Young Games Inventor competition is...

We are delighted to announce that the winning entry for our 2017 Young Games Inventor competition is Alpha-Chase! A very big congratulations to 12-year-old Hannah Padbury designed this game!

Having heard about the competition via her school, Hannah created a brilliant categories word game, which she named 'Alpha-Chase'.

How do you play the game?

To play Alpha-Chase, players must "roll a dice and move along the board", wrote Hannah on her Young Games Inventor application form. "The square you land on will tell you what letter and what category you have to write a word for. All players must write a word."

Hannah explained how "the person whose turn it is can make all players stop by saying, 'Stop!' when they have finished writing his/her word. If the player whose turn it is has a different word to all the other players he/she moves one square forwards for each player (e.g. if there are 5 other players the player whose turn it is would move 5 places forward).

However, if anyone gets the same word the player must move back 2 places."

If you were wondering what the red squares were for, Hannah has said that "If you land on a red square, you pick up an 'Action Card' that will have a direction on it to follow, which you can save and use when needed (e.g. skip a letter you can't think of a word for)."

There are 32 Action Cards:

4 x Move to next pink square
4 x Move to next blue square
4 x Move to next green square 
4 x Move to next yellow square 
4 x Hold this card to play on a category and letter where you think you can get a different word
     to other players – go forward 8 places if no one matches your word 
4 x Swap places with a player of your choice
4 x Blank cards for players to make up actions, forfeit or rewards

The colour of the square that the player lands on will determine the category.  Hannah made some suggestions for what those categories should be, but notes on her application form that, "players can discuss and change categories, depending on age and the interests of players."

How do you win?

To win the game, Hannah told us that "the game finishes when someone reaches the end square of the board. That player is the winner!"

A thank you from all at Green Board Games

We had so many fantastic entries this year for our Young Games Inventor competition, which made for a very tight contest! So, to all of the children who submitted their game ideas - THANK YOU! There are a lot of talented young games inventors out there, and we look forward to receiving their entries again next year!

Finally, thank you also to those for voted for their favourite games in the public vote!

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