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Sebastian’s story

Sebastian’s story

11-year-old Sebastian Fleming-Smith from Leatherhead in Surrey entered The Young Games Inventor of the Year (2016), never imagining he would end up as the winner of the nationwide competition. Here is Sebastian's story, in his own words...

"My sister saw an article in The Week Junior. The headline was 'Game Inventor of the Year 2016'. I love board games and thinking up new games to play therefore was instantly drawn to the competition. The winner of the competition got to get their game made and go to the Toy Fair in London.

I am very competitive and wanted to beat my sister in the competition therefore I was determined to win! I wanted to design a game that involved using your visual memory. I did not want to focus on reading as I don’t always enjoy reading. I thought it would be good to memorise different shape based patterns against your opponent, as this would be simple to understand but fun and challenging to do.

I called my game Shaperise; the name is a mix between shapes and memorise.There are three different levels of difficulty. The more complex the pattern, the more points you get. At the end of the card game you add up all of the points and whoever has the most is the winner.

After I entered the game, I got an email saying I made it through to the public vote. 32 games made it this far. I remember being told that I had been selected to take part in the final when my mum phoned me at school. She told me my game had reached the final and I was just like, 'pardon?’ - I was really happy with my achievement and then to win the whole competition was just something to be really proud of. I just enjoy making things, especially for events at the village fairs, although I know I am not the best artist.

It is just like the scoring system on Strictly Come Dancing. When the public votes finished , I came 9th and therefore I did not think I would win the whole competition. But a few weeks later my mum got an email saying I won. I was over the moon! I went to the Toy Fair on the 24th of January 2017 to collect my prize and look round. It was amazing!

This experience will remain with me forever."

How to play Shaperise

* Can you memorise a pattern of coloured rectangular blocks?
* 2-6 players
* The player with most points wins


* 1 timer
* 10 different coloured rectangle blocks
* 60 cards with different patterns on – 20 easy, 20 medium, 20 hard

Game play:

* On each card is a pattern made up of different coloured rectangular blocks. Using the 10 different coloured 3D blocks, players have to make the pattern from memory
* There are 3 different levels easy, medium and hard
* All the cards are shuffled together and placed in the centre face down
* The youngest player starts. The game is then played clockwise
* As soon as the card is turned over, the timer starts. The player then has 20 seconds to memorise the card. It is then turned face down in front of the player
* The player has to make the pattern on the card using the blocks. The shape created has to be in the same colour order as the card
* If you get the pattern correct you keep the card. If you get it wrong, the card is moved to a separate pile not to be used again
* Different points for each card: easy-1, medium-3, hard-5
* Once all of the cards are used up, players count up the points on their card pile