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Young Games Inventor 2016 - The Results!

Young Games Inventor 2016 - The Results!

After much deliberation among the judges, together with the results from the online vote, the Young Games Inventor of 2016 is Sebastian Fleming-Smith!

Sebastian created a memory-based game called Shaperise, where the player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

• On each card is a pattern made up of different coloured rectangular blocks. Using the 10 different coloured 3D blocks players have to make the pattern from memory.
• There are 3 different levels: easy, medium and hard
• All the cards are shuffled together and placed in the centre, face down
• The youngest player starts. The game is then played clockwise
• As soon as the card is turned over the timer starts. The player then has 20 seconds to memorise the card. It is then turned face down in front of the player
• The player has to make the pattern on the card using the blocks. The shape created has to be in the same colour order as the card
• If you get the pattern correct you keep the card; if you get it wrong the card is moved to a separate pile not to be used again
• Different points for each cards: easy-1, medium-3, hard-5
• Once all of the cards are used up, players count up the points in their card pile

This year's competition was very close and every entry was fantastic but there can only be one winner. The top ten will receive a Highly Commended Certificate and they were:

Sebastian Fleming-Smith - Shaperise

Olivia Simmons - Terrible Tomb of Tutankhamun

William Bambrook - Connect Up

Ella-Beth Gobbett - A Farm is No Harm

Orlando Graham - Captured!

Thomas Kearns - Soldier On (Also wins a certificate for coming top of the public vote)

Anouk WIlliamson - Jungle Dash

Lucy Websdell - Build it big

Amy Webster - Acorn Collector

Daisy Kayley Harcourt Dowdes - Candy Cards 2

Well done to everyone who took part, it was one of the best competitions we've had!