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Enter Young Games Inventor 2017

Enter Young Games Inventor 2017

Our annual competition is now entering its 5th year and is targeted to encourage children from across England to design and invent their own game from scratch, covering everything from the design to the game play! It runs from April through to November, when a final shortlist is selected; the winner is the game with the highest score amalgamating separate votes from the public and judges. Board games, card games, puzzle games – if you’ve got a good idea, why not enter?

What will I win? 

Not only do you have the chance to win your height in BrainBox games, the winner is invited to join the BrainBox team at The Toy Fair 2017 in London to be presented with a prototype of their own invention!

How do I enter?

Simply download your submission form here and choose from the following options:

1. Print and post your completed form to Young Games Inventor 2017, The Green Board Game Company, Unit 112, Coronation Road, Cressex Business Park, High Wycombe, UK HP12 3RP
2. Print, complete, scan or photograph and email to YGI@brainbox.co.uk

We look forward to receiving the entries. Good luck!