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Enter The Young Games Inventor of the Year!

Enter The Young Games Inventor of the Year!

Under 16 and bursting with ideas? Love playing board games? You could be just who we're looking for!

The Young Games Inventor of the Year is our competition to find the best new game idea invented by the mind of a school-aged child.  If your child has a game idea, no matter how simple or clever, we want to hear about it!

What will I win?

As well as winning your height in BrainBox games (that's a lot of games, by the way), your winning game idea could even be brought to life by our team of game creators!

How do I enter?

It couldn't be simpler. You can either:

1) Use our online application form below to send in your entry (be sure to upload a nice sketch/drawing); or

2) Download our paper application form, fill it in, and send it back to us

How is the winner chosen?

We will draw up a shortlist of eligible entries and then, a bit like Strictly Come Dancing, the final winner is chosen from a combination of judges votes and the public vote (yes, your friends and family can really help you here!).

What is the deadline?

All entries must be submitted by midnight on October 31st 2017. But don't leave it too late to get inventing - the best game ideas take a bit of time you know...