Colour and Learn Colour and Learn Colour and Learn

Colour and Learn

Learn to draw something today! From animals to pirates, our Learn to Draw series teaches you how to draw your favourite things step-by-step.

Logical Learning Logical Learning Logical Learning

Logical Learning

Go on an adventure in the world of Maths! A fun and engaging way of exploring times tables, fractions and more.


Learn to Draw Dinosaurs

Learn to draw dinosaurs one step at a time.


Learn to Draw Animals

Learn to draw animals one step at a time.


Logical Learning Homophone Explorer

Solve quests by identifying whether the correct homophone has been used in this new addition to our Logical Learning range.


Logical Learning Adjective, Verb and Noun Explorer

Solve quests by identifying adjectives, verbs and nouns in this new addition to our Logical Learning range.

Logical Learning Time Explorer

Time to get logical! Turn telling the time into an adventure with Dr Maths.

Logical Learning Times Table Explorer

Join Dr Maths on his whirlwind adventures through terrific times tables!

Logical Learning Subtraction Explorer

Use subtraction skills to solve these great puzzles.

Logical Learning Fractions Explorer

Fractions with the fun factor! Solve riddles by finding fractions.

Logical Learning Division Explorer

Discover how much fun division can be with these exciting quests.

Logical Learning Addition Explorer

Help children practise adding up, and plot a course on their learning adventure.

Logical Learning Code Breaker Explorer

Break the codes to solve the puzzles.

Logical Learning Number Shape Magic Explorer

Enter the magical world of number puzzles in this great book.

Colour and Learn Fairies

Bring colour to the magical world of fairies.

Colour and Learn Under the Sea

Swim under the sea alongside these wonderful water-based animals.

Colour and Learn Animals

Simply a world of animals to colour in, and fab facts to learn while you colour. No monkey business!

Colour and Learn Art

Make every page a masterpiece with this delightful colouring book.

Colour and Learn Landmarks

Choose your own colours for some of the world's most iconic buildings.

Colour and Learn Myths & Legends

Bring fantasy to life with this brilliant book. Let gods, demons, heroes and ogres leap through the pages.

Colour and Learn Dinosaurs

A prehistoric world to colour in.

Colour and Learn Horses

Take your imagination for a ride through this great book, with facts jumping out of every page.

Colour and Learn Minibeasts

Explore the wonderful world of these magnificent minibeasts - they certainly pack a punch in each page!

Colour and Learn Birds

You'll be squawking with delight at each bird, with facts at the end of every page.

Extreme Dot to Dot Explorers

Explore the world with our extreme Dot to Dot adventures, in the comfort of your own home!

Extreme Dot to Dot Sports

Kick, swim and leap through this sports themed Dot to Dot book!

Extreme Dot to Dot Animals

Are you mad about animals? If so, here are a range of Dot to Dot challenges for you!

Stained Glass Designs Animals

Transform every page into awesome stained glass animals!

Stained Glass Designs Butterflies

Transform your windows when you bring these beautiful butterflies to life.

Stained Glass Designs Optical

Colour your way to a mind-expanding new world with this amazing Optical colouring book.

Dot-to-Dot On The Go

The perfect brain workout when on the go!

Dot-to-Dot Things That Swim

Dive into our oceans, rivers and lakes and give your brain a workout!