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Snap and Pairs Snap and Pairs Snap and Pairs

Snap and Pairs

With our Snap and Pairs games, the challenge isn’t just about observing, it’s about thinking too! Each unique set of cards can be used for Snap or Pairs.

Lets Go
My First Snap and Pairs My First Snap and Pairs My First Snap and Pairs

My First Snap and Pairs

With My First Snap and Pairs, even the little ones can get stuck in. Games start from ages 3+

Lets Go

Around the UK Snap

A great way to help children learn the English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh flags and landmarks.

Around Europe Snap

An engaging way to introduce children to European countries, capitals and flags.

Around the World Snap Pack 1

Here is a fab learning device to help children become familiar with countries, capitals and flags.

Around the World Snap Pack 2

The second pack of Around the World Snap helps children learn about more countries, capitals and flags.

Where in the World? Snap

Discover where in the world you might like to be!

Times Tables Snap

Master your times tables with this great deck. Play Snap and Pairs by matching equivalents.

Four Function Snap

This super Snap deck helps young minds learn about addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

Fraction Action Snap

Lights, camera, Fraction Action! Help children learn about fractions through classic games Snap and Pairs.

Maths Snap Plus

Play Snap and Pairs using addition and subtraction, division and multiplication, fraction, indices and square root knowledge.

Tell the Time Snap

Become tip-top at telling the time! Use images of analogue and digital clocks and different ways to tell the time.

Making Words Snap

This educational card game can be played to help create a complete word. Sc-ore!

Travel Words Snap

Handy for your holidays, this game includes helpful phrases in four languages.

Dinosaur Snap

Match dinosaurs to their skeletons and facts, to become the ultimate dinosaur whizz!

Sport Snap

Soar through this Snap deck by learning about a range of sports and the equipment used to play them.

Music Snap

Play Snap and Pairs using musical concepts such as note name, notation or piano key.

Syllable Snap

Learn about syllables through this delightful deck.

Body Snap

A brilliant way for children to learn about different parts of the body.

Food Snap

Feed your brain lots of facts and fun with Food Snap. Learn about food groups through fun matching games.

Art Snap

Art Snap is a perfect way to learn names of famous artists and their paintings.

My First Animal Snap

You'll be roaring with laughter matching animal names, their young and the sounds they make.

My First Colour and Shape Snap

A fun, educational card game. Play Snap and Pairs and find matches in colour or shape.

My First Number Snap

Play Snap and Pairs using early number concepts. It's as easy as one, two, three.

My First Sound Snap Pack 1

F is for fun! Sound Snap Pack 1 focuses on engaging children to learn basic sounds and words A-M.

My First Making Words Snap

In this educational card game, players match beginnings and endings to create complete words. F-un!

My First Sound Snap Pack 2

Leading on from Pack 1, Pack 2 focuses on basic sounds and words N-Z.

My First Times Tables Snap

Become tip-top at your times tables! Using 5 and 10 times tables, find pairs that match.

My First UK Money Snap

Money on your mind! Learn about money through matching equivalent amounts of money together.


My First 3-D Shapes Snap

Spot 'real life' shapes and learn their names in this fun game.

My First Addition Snap

Adding up to success at school, this great game helps make maths fun.

My First Subtraction Snap

Subtract your way to success at maths!

Elmer Snap

Join Elmer and his friends such as Wilbur, Grandpa Eldo and Rose for lots of Snap and Pairing fun!

Dinosaur Playing Cards

This pack includes 54 full-colour Dinosaur-tastic playing cards, with images from the Natural History Museum.

Art Playing Cards

An educational pack featuring a great selection of art, perfect for all ages. Endorsed by the National Gallery.

NMSI Playing Cards

Jet off to the future with these perfect playing cards, endorsed by The Science Museum.

Roman Playing Cards

Explore Roman times through these beautiful fact-packed Roman playing cards.