Crafty ideas for a cold half-term
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Crafty ideas for a cold half-term

So, it’s half term already. Christmas is now a couple of months past and school’s out for a week in what can be one of the wettest, most wintery months of the year. But being stuck indoors is no excuse to be bored! Not only have we teamed up with top CBeebies presenter Mister Maker to launch a brand new game, Colour and Create, but we’ve also come up with a couple of crafty ideas Mr Maker would be proud of to bring some cheer to a damp, cold afternoon.

Skittles is always a popular game. After all, who doesn’t like knocking things down? It’s a particularly good activity if your children have got friends round.

First you’ll need to gather up some old drinks bottles. Get the children to smother them with white PVA glue and then cover them with ripped up pieces of tissue paper. If you’ve haven’t got any to hand, you could use newspaper and then give the bottle a coat of paint.

Once the skittles are dry they can be decorated. Sticky shapes work well; alternatively, get the children to come up with a design of their own using felt tips. Finally, bring the skittles to life with two googly eyes and a mouth.

Now line them up and, using a soft ball, let the games commence!

It will be a battle of skill, dedication, and luck – and to the victor, the spoils. What better way to reward a skittles champion than with a homemade medal?

Salvage some lids from old jars and tubs, and some foam letters or shapes. Show the children how to stick the letter onto the lid and then fold some foil around the lid and the shape, so that it stands out. You could use silver kitchen foil or coloured foil from a craft shop, and if you scrunch it up and then unfold it first, the medal will have a more realistic look. Then stick a loop of ribbon or string to the back and hey presto, a medal for the winner!

Once they’re done with the skittles – for today at least! – why not see if they’d like to create their very own BrainBox? We’ve come up with a special edition – Colour and Create - which lets children colour in their own cards and create their own questions too. You can find out where you can get the game here.

And who knows, when they’ve finished it may even have stopped raining outside!

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