Green Apple award
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Green Apple award

We won a Green Apple award!

That’s two in two years. Carol, our operations guru, collected this award at a ceremony at the Houses of Parliament. We were the only games company who won an award. So what’s the big deal? Well Green Apples are awarded to organisations in the public and private sector that really care about how they impact the environment. We care.

Last year we won an award, for our general operations, not just using recycled material in our boxes, playing boards and game cards - we have been doing this since 1991 - it was for the more subtle things. For example on a dull day I saw that we had 24 strip fluorescent lights on in the middle of the day in our warehouse. It was evident that the warehouse roof windows had not been cleaned for many years. So a thorough cleaning later, not so easy as there are 24 of them, and we had to get scaffolding put up and replace a few that were cracked, we were able to reduce our use of warehouse electricity by about 75%. There are lots of other things I could write about, but I’m trying to keep this brief and not try your patience!

This is one small example of what we do and we are really proud of winning this award. We will continue to be as environmentally conscious as we can and you will see this in our games. We are currently re-designing all our family games so that they use less board, contain less air and take up less shelf space in your games cupboards without reducing the quality of the game or play experience. The first game we have redesigned is our fabulous game Egyptians. Take a look in the product pages and let us know what you think.

We love green apples!

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