Summer Holidays
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Summer Holidays

The summer holidays are looming and just like most of the country we have the travel bug. Whether it’s a short drive to the coast or a long flight to somewhere fancy, travelling with kids can be a real struggle. We have put together a list of just a few travel must-haves for this summer’s ultimate road trip or flight.

Fully charged tablets & chargers
With all the research we did this was the TOP answer on everybody’s list. However much we get told to limit screen time, travelling with children has been made so much easier with the invention of tablets and phones and it seems it can be completely forgiven to use them on long journeys. Just make sure they’re fully charged and you pack the chargers for the way back.

Travel Games
Not all kids are into tablets and/or get bored of them pretty quickly. So be sure to pack some travel games and toys. The fewer pieces, the better though; there’s nothing worse than having to collect the bits up at the end or heaven forbid you lose a bit; you’ll hear about it for the whole holiday if you do. 

Travel sickness tablets & sick bags
Be prepared, if they have a history of travel sickness it is better to be safe than sorry. There is nothing worse than the smell of sick for the whole way to your destination.

Baby wipes & change of clothes
For those ‘oops’ moments. You never know with kids, they can make a mess in an empty room. Then there is the toilet issue; I’ll leave that there.

Drinks & snacks
There may be some delays in your journey and there is nothing worse than hungry children in a confined space. Cover the basics by packing some quick and easy snacks, the less messy the better, but you have baby wipes so you’ll be prepared.

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