YGI 2019 Competition is now open! YGI 2019 Competition is now open! YGI 2019 Competition is now open!

YGI 2019 Competition is now open!

It's your chance to invent a game of your choice, download our YGI pack and get creating!

Competition now open!

Grab a pen and paper and get creating, our Young Games Inventor competition is open for entries!

A quick Q&A with YGI winner of 2016

Picking the brilliant mind of Young Games Inventor winner of 2016, Sebastian Fleming-Smith!

How is our YGI winner chosen?

Wondering how the Young Games Inventor winner is chosen?

BrainBox at Activate Camps

A partnership which supports healthy bodies AND healthy brains!

Marvin Berglas introduces BrainBox Marvin's Magic!

Marvin Berglas creator of Marvin's Magic showcases the brilliant new BrainBox Marvin's Magic game.

BrainBox Club Site - temporarily unavailable

Sorry! Our BrainBox Club site is currently being updated. Please check back soon!

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Calling all bright young minds! Our Young Games Inventor Competition 2019 is now open!

“I’m not naughty – I’m autistic”

How can you tell the difference between a naughty child and a child with an Autistic Spectrum Condition? What kind of things upset a child with autism? How should other children interact with children on the spectrum?

Maths: No More Fear and Loathing

Many children are turned off maths at a young age simply by being told that they just "don't have what it takes" to be good at the subject. However, by adapting the right mindset, you can prevent maths becoming filled with fear and loathing – for you or your child.

Conkers, leaves & learning

The children are back at school and the heating is going on in most houses up and down the country, which means that autumn is well on its way...

“When life gives you lemons…”

From missing out on the school team to being told off by a favourite teacher, things at school don’t always go as planned. How can you help your child to cope with disappointment, and even turn it into a positive?