10 ways to make Easter the best school holiday
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10 ways to make Easter the best school holiday

Spring has sprung, the daffs are out and the birds are singing – what better time to get back outdoors and enjoy the British countryside? Unless of course it’s raining, or hailing, or snowing…

Here are ten ideas to make the Easter holidays truly memorable, whatever the weather.

1. Go on an Easter egg hunt
What child – or grown-up for that matter – doesn’t love an Easter egg hunt? Chances are there’s one going on somewhere close to home, but if you can’t find one locally, check out www.eastereggtrail.co.uk because once again the National Trust has teamed up with Cadbury’s to create over 300 trails across the country.

2. Visit a museum
Museums are a top tip for inspiration during any school holidays and they’ll usually offer a host of drop-in sessions, from arty-crafty stuff to the chance to get up close and personal with some of the museum’s exhibits.

3. Blow an egg
Take one egg, prick both ends with a needle and then ask a young child to blow hard so the yolk and egg white come out – what could possibly go wrong? To find out how to do it properly visit www.ehow.co.uk/how_2238898_blow-out-eggs.html

4. Visit a Country Park
There are over 400 of these green gems all over the country. Many come with playgrounds and all include trees, mud and fantastic open spaces for children to explore. Find one close to you here

5. Easter word search
This is a good way to sneak in a bit of learning outside the classroom. You can either make one for the children, or get them to make one for each other. Just come up with ten good Easter words and a grid, of say, 15 x 15 letters. Don’t forget that when you write the key words, they can go diagonally and back to front, too.

6. Volcanic eruption
Kitchen-table science is educational as well as entertaining. All you need to create your own Vesuvius is some baking soda, vinegar and food colouring. For full details see www.funology.com/volcanic-eruption/.

7. Head for the beach
Feeling adventurous? OK, so we’ve all known it to snow at Easter before – but if there’s a patch of blue in the sky, then why not head for the seaside? Perhaps aim for somewhere with some indoor entertainment too, just to be on the safe side.

8. Download a nature app and go for a walk
Who knows what life-long interest could be sparked by the sight of a bird coming to life on your smart phone rather than staring flatly out from the pages of a book? Project Wild Things app (http://projectwildthing.com/wildtime) comes recommended by the RSPB and it’s free to download.

9. Watch a family movie
Big sofa, big duvet, big Easter Egg. Snuggle down and enjoy a family movie together. You could go for a classic like Mary Poppins, one of those 1950s blockbusters like the Ten Commandments or Ben Hur, or a modern favourite like Hop.  However, if you can, try to track down a classic from the 1970s – It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown, starring the one and only Snoopy.

10. Indoor Olympics
If it’s raining why not try an indoor Easter Olympics? It’s easy to organise the children into a round robin with games like Connect 4 and dominoes. You can get active too – see who can stand on one leg for the longest time, or can keep a balloon up in the air without it touching the ground. And round things off with an Egg and Spoon Race Relay, adding a few obstacles to swerve round just to keep things interesting.

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