You’re never too young to have a good idea
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You’re never too young to have a good idea

When I was 7 I wrote a letter to a well-known bubble bath manufacturer. I spent a lot of my childhood writing letters but this one was different. This one marked the start of my creative career.

A spate of Funday Times competition wins had convinced me that big organisations could be approached just like friends or family. After a failed attempt to engage the council in a conversation about the state of a local stream, I began pondering my next foray into idea sharing.

One evening, during a particularly crowded bathtime, an idea struck me. Every free surface of our avocado green bath suite was covered with characterized bottles of a particular brand of bubble bath. My mum had started buying them to encourage me to use the bath and I’d evidentally got hooked on building a collection. From mermaids, to salty sea pirates, to naval officers, my bubble bath bottle collection had begun to overwhelm our small bathroom.

My genius idea (at least that’s how I remember it) was to write to the manufacturer of these bubble bath bottles and propose a way of keeping bathrooms tidy, whilst showing off bottle collections. Shaped like a pirate ship, my bottle holder idea was designed to hang off the edge of the bath with individual recesses for each bottle character.

I was so excited that I spent the rest of the evening sketching out a proof of concept drawing and composing my letter. I signed it off with the line ‘even if you don’t make loads please make one just for me’.

Alas, the bubble bath manufacturer never returned my correspondence. I was dejected but soon bounced back. More importantly I had begun to explore publicly expressing my ideas and taking the first steps on a path that would lead me to (eventually!) becoming a professional designer.

At BrainBox we believe a child’s first steps into sharing their ideas should be celebrated. Imagination and creativity are no stronger in your life than when you’re a child and so we’re proud to announce our search for the first ever BrainBox Young Games Inventor of the Year.

It’s simple. We’re inviting children under the age of 16 to submit their ideas for new games. Board games, card games, puzzle games – if you’ve got a good idea, let us know! Not only do you have the chance to win your height in BrainBox games, the winner will see their creation brought to life by our game engineers!

We look forward to judging the entries. Good luck!

Download your submission form from Entrants can also apply at selected retailers.

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