Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy BrainBox?
We don’t sell products directly from our website. Instead you’ll find BrainBox with all good high street retailers and toy stores, we’ve even included some handy links to where you might like to buy games on each individual game page.
Would you ship a BrainBox internationally to me?
Unfortunately we’re not able to ship internationally but we do have local representation in many countries around the world.
Could you send me a spare part?
Absolutely, our local representatives are always happy to help with spare parts so you can continue enjoying your BrainBox. In the UK, as example, click here.
Are your games only for kids?
BrainBox games are fun for all kinds of players, young and old, with so many subjects to choose from there is always something to grab your interest. And with all the answers on the card you don’t need prior knowledge to win, just a keen eye for detail, that makes BrainBox great for groups.
Are your games made in the UK?
We’re a proudly British brand with all our games devised in the UK working alongside experts in their field and more broadly teachers and educational practitioners to ensure our games are informative as well as fun. We commission art from the best illustrators from around the world and as global business we print our products in China to ensure we have the best access to global logistics.
Why can’t I see a specific BrainBox game on your product range?
We keep our product range on this site up to date with all our current titles. So if you see a title elsewhere which you don’t see here, it just means it’s likely to be from our back catalogue. Back catalogue games are still great, so you can buy with confidence and enjoy the game, we’re just not producing them right now.
Can I tell you about my game idea?
Yes! We love hearing new game ideas and would be delighted to hear your concept and see if we can turn it into a reality with you. Just drop us a line via the Contact Page.