24 things to do before you grow up
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24 things to do before you grow up

The Green Board Game Company turns 24 this year. To celebrate, here are 24 things we think every child should do before they grow up…

1. Build a den

Whether it’s indoors with blankets and cushions or outdoors with broken branches, everyone loves a den.

2. Visit a museum

Whether your child is interested in dinosaurs, dolls, discovery or design, you’ll be able to find a museum they’ll love.

3. Camp in the garden

All the excitement of an adventure under canvas, all the convenience of a plumbed-in toilet.

4. Make a Guy for bonfire night

Sharpen those needlework skills, brush up on seventeenth-century history and get rid of some old clothes – all at one go!

5. Try a new sport

Many sports centres offer taster courses during schools holidays, which provide an excellent opportunity to try something new. Trampolining, anyone?

6. Do something to raise money for charity

Take a bath in beans, do a sponsored silence, make your face funny for money – get involved however you like!

7. Go on a treasure hunt

Follow the clues to track down the treasure. An Easter favourite, it’s also great for making Christmas stockings more exciting.

8. Write a story – for fun

Storytelling is a common activity at school. But creative writing isn’t just for the classroom! Why not come up with a story, purely for the fun of it?

9. Make and fly a kite

Making a kite is a great way to hone those craft skills. Running around on top of a hill trying to get it to fly teaches perseverance!

10. Appear in a show

Whatever Noel Coward might think, putting your daughter (or son!) on the stage has a lot to recommend it. Whether it’s dance, drama or music, performing gives a buzz like nothing else.

11. Invent a new game

BrainBox is now accepting entries for the 2015 Young Games Inventor of the Year. Get those thinking caps on!

12. Find a geocache

An exciting, unpredictable way to familiarise your children with maps and coordinates.

13. Learn a foreign language

Parlez-vous français? Sprechen sie Deutsch? ¿Hablan español?

14. Get up to watch the sun rise

There are few things as beautiful as a sunrise. A must-see.

15. Keep a diary

Keeping a diary helps your child process the day, and improves self-expression and literacy. It’ll help when they come to write their autobiography, too.

16. Learn a musical instrument

Making music is good for mind, body and soul – and it’s a great way to make new friends!

17. Climb a tree

Start small with a tree in the back garden, or set your sights a little higher and Go Ape!

18. Build a rocket

Use baking soda and vinegar, or Diet Coke and Mentos, and stand well back!

19. Learn to iron a shirt

A good life skill. Crack the ironing challenge early and you’ll reap the benefits for years.

20. Bake a cake

Pat it and prick it and mark it with B, and put it in the oven for BrainBox Ben and me…

21. Write a computer programme using code

This one might faze you, but it’s going to be a major feature of life in the coming years. Start them young and get a head start!

22. Take something apart

Have you ever wondered how many components there are in a computer processor? It’s time to find out! (Note: redundant computers only)

23. Grow your own fruit and vegetables

Allotments are back in vogue. Weeding and seeding, watering and harvesting – it’s a great way to show children where their food comes from, and get them eating their greens. Put your name on the waiting list!

24. Enter a competition

Did we mention the Young Games Inventor 2015?

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